What Does Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway Mean?

We all are living in a hi-tech world, where using quality product is a compulsion otherwise we will lack networking. As the technology advances, it left many devices behind, which were used to be useful at some point in time. One such example is Modem. Modem hardly gets used nowadays, for setting up the home network. It is because there is number of high- tech router available these days, which has made networking easy and wireless. So, we have dedicated this website to Arris router. We will let you know about Arris router login, Arris default username and password and admin wireless settings Arris. Also, we will try our best to include essential information of Arris router on this website.  So, before we get into 192.168 0.1 wireless setup Arris specification, let’s take a look what is Arris router is all about? Why it is different from other router and what are admin wireless settings Arris?

What Is Arris Router?

Arris is an EMTA gateway modem, Modem might be the incomplete definition of the Arris EMTA gateway modem. So, till we completely define Arris EMTA gateway modem, we will call Arris a modem, but it is more than a typical Modem. Arris TG862G is a Residential Gateway with 802.11n, 2 Voice Lines and 4 Port Router. So, now you must be thing what does EMTA stands for? EMTA means Embedded Multimedia Terminal Adapter, which let users get connect to the analog phone and make calls from it. If we compare Arris TG862G to other typical modems, it is more than a typical Modem. Other modems don’t give you the option to plug device and start making calls. There is another term used with Arris TG862G which is Residential Gateway. Well, this simply tells that gateway is chiefly for homes or SOHO setting as equated to the heavy duty usage in commercial LAN location.

What Does Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway Mean?

It includes DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem or a wireless router and EMTA all-inclusive in one box. DOCSIS 3.0 offers fast speed and 8x4 Channel Bonding cable modem, so you can enjoy speed up to 320 Mbps. Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway is an ideal Modem router for household connections. Your Arris TG862G is sanctioned Comcast XFINITY® voice & internet service.

Key Features of Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway

  • Your Arris TG862G is designed in such a way it gets connected with telephones directly. Call us to know Arris default password.
  • Only a professional installer can connect the Telephony Gateway to your home current telephone wiring.
  • Arris TG862G is faster than ISDN and dial-up services. Perform Arris login by taking advice from us.
  • The Arris TG862G supports 802.11b/g/n wireless connection and Ethernet. The user can use both of them all together.
  • DOCSIS 3.0 complaint and also backward compatible with the DOCSIS 2.0
  • Can connect wired devices via four Ethernet ports.
  • Your DOCSIS 3.0 complaint with Li-Ion backup battery.
  • Single USB host port. Get instant support for Arris default password.
Pre-requisite Prior Installation of 192.168 0.1 Wireless  Setup  of Arris
  • Phone Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Splitter
  • Telephone Gateway Pack contains information of login Arris, Arris default username and password and 192.168 0.1 wireless setup Arris.
  • Information Packet, inform you more about Arris login, Arris router login.
  • Wall-Mount Hardware (This is optional)
How Can You Increase Security In admin Wireless Settings Arris?
  • Keep the operating system updated with latest security coverings.
  • Install Virus checker and update it weekly. So that you don’t face issues while performing Arris login process.
  • Avoid web and file-sharing services over the Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway.
  • Do not use the proxy software. Or you will get the issue with Arris default username and password.
  • Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway is loaded with LAN security set by default.

Methods to Connect Your Computer and Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway

You can connect your computer and Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway for Arris router login in two ways. Both the methods are mentioned below. Go through both the method and choose which one suits you better.


With Wireless access, you connect the extra device to your Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway. As this modem router has 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN standard let one or more computers for accessing Telephony Gateway by the use of wireless radio.


Ethernet is considered a normal way of connecting two or more computers into LAN. The user should use Ethernet connection if your computer has in-built Ethernet Hardware. If you wish to connect four computers at a time, you will need Ethernet Hub.

Troubleshooting Tips on 192.168 0.1 Wireless Setup Arris

Issue: - I already plugged Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway but why power light is off?

  • Ans: - First of all, check the entire power connections. Check if, the power cord is plugged in properly.
  • Check the power strip, if you plugged the power cord into it.
  • Do not use outlet organized by a wall switch.
  • Or you can check the circuit breaker panel or fuse.
  • If the problem still persists, feel free to contact us at the toll-free number. We are a team of router professionals.

Issue: - Why I am not getting an internet connection on my login Arris?

  • Ans: - When you initially establish a connection, it takes about 30 minutes.
  • Try to leave your Arris TG862G Telephony Gateway into AC power and attached to the cable system.
  • Online and power light must be ON.
  • If you see the power light is blinking more than 30 minutes call us at the toll-free number. Or get assistance with admin wireless settings Arris.
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