Google always try to simplify our online lives. From using Email, cloud storage digital maps or news, Google has everything to offer its users. Back in the year 2013, Google has given a complete makeover to 4K TV by launching Chromecast, a line of digital media players. These media players are small dongles, by which users can start and regulate playback of Internet-streamed cinematic content. In addition, users can also copy online content from the Google Chrome web browser from PC and mobile device. Let's say, if you like any video on YouTube, transfer it to your Phone or TV, from computer and mobile device. Google has announced 3 versions of Chromecast to date. 1st generation of Chromecast was a video streaming device. Second-generation Chromecast was an audio-only model and Chromecast Ultra has supported the high dynamic range and 4K resolution. They all remained as a best-selling electronics over the years. So, let’s know more about Chromecast Setup, take a look at their benefits.

Benefits of Chromecast

Stream Entertainment from your Device to Directly on Your TV: - Plug Chromecast into your TV’s HDMI port. You can use either your device or TV to stream movies, games, TV shows and many more. Doesn’t matter, if you use an Android phone, tablet, iPhone®, Windows, Chromebook Chromecast supports all.

Best Way to Get Videos and Online Content on your TV: - Now, use your device as a remote, control your TV from every corner of your home. No need to pause, your TV content, but enjoy same content on your Mobile device at the same time. Simply, tap the cast button and watch content on the big screen. Open the app as you used to, no fresh logins and downloads required.

Endless Entertainment on Your Roster: - If you have Google Chromecast, you can access the world of entertainment content on your devices. You get the option of switching to one channel to another over the internet.

Your Device Your Remote: - Access your favorite apps as you used to, but now use it on your TV. No need to login or any additional downloads use your apps on big screen with a difference.

VR Mirror: - There is no entertainment like experience virtual reality. Yes, now you can enjoy virtual reality through Daydream View headset and a Chromecast.

Quick Chromecast Setup Guide

Plug in your Chromecast device

  • Start with plug in your Chromecast into your Smart TV. Next, attach the USB power cable into the Chromecast.
  • Hereafter, you can plug another end of the of your USB power cable into the power adapter or USB port of the TV. You need to use given AC adapter only.

Connect the Chromecast Device

Prior Chromecast Setup, ensure the device, TV or mobile device you use for setup should be on the same network.

Download Google Home App

You can download the Google Home App on your devices such as Mobile, tablet or Laptop.

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