FAQ Google Chromecast Setup (TV)

Issue: – I am having an issue setting up Chromecast? 
Ans: – In order to setup your Google Chromecast, you will need a Tablet, Computer, and Phone. Once you finalize the device, navigate through cast.google.com/Chromecast/setup.
Issue: – I want to setup Chromecast on my TV but I am unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network that I’m picking. What to do?
Ans: – Well, you must alter your router settings prior your Google Chromecast can communicate with your network. Call our experts on the toll-free number and know more about Chromecast router compatibility.
Issue: – I have no clue why I am unable to connect to my wifi network while connecting Chromecast on my TV?
• Ans: – In case, you see a Chromecast device card inside the Google Home app but can’t attach your Chromecast device while trying to begin the setup, try below-given steps.
• Check if your Google Chromecast is powered on and also plugged firmly into the power outlet.
• LED light must be in white color on the sideways of the Google Home device.
• Use the only recent version of the Google Home app.

FAQs of Google Chromecast Setup on Android Device

Issue: – I have a Samsung android phone and I’m facing issue setting up Chromecast with my Samsung device. What to do?
• Ans: – Most of the Samsung device comes with advanced Wi-Fi setting termed as Auto Network Switch.
• This feature by default shifts the device’s Wi-Fi network to the finest accessible signal connection. If the device detects that the present connection has issues e.g. no Internet access. 
• So, Chromecast setup is not possible until this feature is enabled.
Issue: – What if I face trouble while setting up or using guest mode?
• Ans: – You can setup Guest mode on any device which supports the Google Home app.
• Guest mode is used for forming a guest on iOS8 and Android 4.3+ devices.
• Make sure you put Guest Mode On.

FAQs Based On Setup Google Chromecast to Computer

Issue: – I couldn’t play the tracks I usually request via Chromecast on my PC? 
• Ans: – When you get this error message, it simply indicates that you have an issue with your Google Play Music app. It happens when you try to cast a song to your TV.
• Try to restart your Google Play Music app. It might help in fixing the Issue.
Issue: – What if I get an error message of the Cast-enabled page, use controls in the page for an optimal experience while using Chromecast on my PC?
Ans: – The message is to notify you that there is chosen Casting selection available in the webpage. To know more about optimized playback and casting a tab, call our customer care executive on the toll-free number.
Issue: – Every time I try to use Chromecast on my PC, it displays error message, you may be experiencing networking issues. What to do? 
• Ans: – You must have a good wifi connection while casting Tab.
• For better connections, try to move your router nearby the TV and Chromecast device with the help of HDMI extender.
• Try to a wired connection on your dual band router over the 5GHz band.

Issue: – What Is Chromecast and How Does It Work?
•Ans: – Chromecast is a device which let you stream online media content over the internet. You can control Chromecast device through a mobile device or a computer, instead of a Remote Control. Setting up Chromecast is very easy. You need an active internet connection, TV with an HDMI port and mobile or computer with latest Google’s Chrome browser.
Issue: – Does Chromecast need a USB power source?
•Ans: – Yes, your Chromecast do require an external power foundation through the micro USB port. It also has a wall adapter, if you want, you can plug the USB cable into a power-driven USB port on the TV.
Issue: –Can you list the apps that work with the Chromecast?
•Ans: – There are numbers of paid and free apps that work with the Chromecast. 
Free apps are:- 
• Pandora 
• Vevo 
• PostTV
• Chromecast Setup app
• Hulu Plus 
• HBO Go 
• Songza
• Viki
• Youtube 
• Google Play Music 
• Netflix 
• Google Play Movies/TV 
Paid Apps:-
• Mono 
• AllCast Premium Avia
• Pocket Casts 
• Plex
• PocketCast
• Solid Explorer
Issue: –What do I Need to setup Chromecast?
• Ans: – TV with an HDMI port.
• A Wi-Fi connection.
• Either a computer or a mobile device.
• A device with Google’s Chrome browser.
Issue: –Chromecast Supports which streaming Devices?
• Ans: – Number of major streaming devices gets supported by Chromecast. 
• Netflix
• Hulu
• YouTube
• HBO Now
• Showtime
• Sling TV
• Streaming-music services such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Spotify.
Issue: – Is there any need for individual remote control for volume and other stuff in Chromecast?
•Ans: – Yes, you might need individual remote control. Majority of the apps have integral volume controls for Chromecast. These are detached from the television’s main controls & can’t maximize uppermost volume that you have set in your TV.
Issue: –Do I need a physical remote control to manage Chromecast?
•Ans: – There are few TV remotes which support basic play/pause controls for Chromecast via HDMI-CEC. This is nothing more than a fallback measure. It is because Chromecast doesn’t come with a TV-based menu arrangement. So, an individual remote won’t help Chromecast.
Issue: – What can we do with a Chromecast?
• Ans: – Lookout Streaming Videos.
• Listen to Streaming Audio.
• Mirror PC & Android Device Screens on the TV.