When we talk about Mikrotik routers we talk about simple yet effective solutions. The very cost-effective Microtik routers have been able to revolutionize the world by constantly providing devices which ensure a solid and reliable wired connectivity to not just a single device but the entire class of devices which can run a plethora of features on their OS with a simple Mikrotik router login.

We always look to pick up devices that are functional and let you access features which are powerful beyond what they look like. This need of an effective router was looked up at by the Mikrotik Corporation, a corporation which provides not just an easy login process but also a large number of features like portability and small size too. It also makes them a must-have at any place, be it home or office.

The company called Mikrotik was first made in Latvia which was back in 1995 in an effort to provide more services to people in as less possible amount money as possible. This enabled users to run a number of fast features on the device without compromising on the factor of money. While the devices were there from the start in 1995, OS from this company known as RouterOS provided more stability and immeasurable control to all its users. To provide power to its devices and to change the way the world looked at wireless devices, Mikrotik welcomed its own router hardware known as RouterBOARD.


Mikrotik sells its famed routers and other services across the world in almost all the countries of the world. It currently has its office installed in Riga, Latvia’s capital city where it was founded.

The product range that Mikrotik flaunts is huge and runs quite effectively. The reach and sale is wide and each device stands as an epitome of fast device connectivity and effective monitoring. The product range includes and is not limited to:

Ethernet Routers

The range of Ethernet routers in Mikrotik includes not only the routers from home, but also effective and powerful routers for any of your need for an enterprise series router. The routers, as mentioned before are both as small as a few centimeters which claim to be the most efficient and pocket friendly MPLS routers to have been made since a long time and as big to be installed in a rack mount as a part of a wide area network with power to send and receive a rather heavy amount of data at the same time.


The switches owned by Mikrotik provide effective management to all the LAN links connected to the switch in the network. These are available in the configuration of being from a 5 port switch to 6 empty SFP cages where each empty closet can hold up to 8 ports bringing the total to around 32 available ports depending upon what configuration you wish to install. Each of these ports can hold a 10GB Ethernet data transfer capacity.

Range Extenders

The Wireless Range Extenders, offered by the MikroTik Corporations were built keeping in mind the extensive need of multiple devices which are to be connected to the internet using its bandwidth. These high gain devices powered with an ability to expand the limits of wireless connectivity have been fairly popular in the market today and with a simple Mikrotik webfig login, you can access all these features and many more. They are available as regular antennas, access points, range extenders and many more. Each of these devices holds the resolve of Mikrotik to provide seamless connectivity with unreal speeds yet commercially accessible for everyone.

Wireless routers

The range of wireless routers hosted by Mikrotik is especially an elite way to handle the wireless connectivity need of homes or offices. This is achieved by Mikrotik by providing an elite range of wireless routers which run on the latest 802.11ac technology providing 5GHz connectivity with multiple bands trying to make this connectivity as fast as possible. The routers which are available are both compact and yet can work with a speed of lightning. Setting up these routers is not a difficult task at all too. After accessing the Mikrotik router default ip address you will know how to access Mikrotik router.


A lot of techies out there need a customizable router that they can personalize right from the very beginning which includes installing the OS to having the SFP and other essentials installed only as per strict requirements. Mikrotik Corporation provides its users the same freedom to look into and edit and omit the device to add the user’s own features in the router they wish to build. This was made possible with the Mikrotik routerboards. With a simple access to the Mikrotik routerboard default password, you can access to a whole new world of customization from the motherboard to the OS, whatever you wish to switch, you can do it using the Mikrotik routerboard.


A router is nothing without its interfaces. No matter how well you are able to setup the device using the Mikrotik router default IP address, without interfaces like the 10GigabitEthernet or the optical interfaces, no router can transfer the data with effective speeds. These SFPs are available as interface connections which are provided by the Mikrotik corporations. The interfaces available are extremely cost-effective with respect to what they are capable of. These interfaces also include Wi-Fi cards, RJ45 connectors, PCIe adapters, and longe range SFPs which can hold connections going as far as 10Kms in range. With these interfaces which are highly compatible, you can create your own personalized router with the available ports set up as per your convenience; all your network requirements will be fulfilled. The only thing that would be left would be Mikrotik webfig login.


While setting up a network connection up for your business or home we usually need a couple of more things than just the devices. These accessories include USB injectors, PoE injectors, power adapters, low loss cables, holders, wall mounts and many more. Before you can start the Mikrotik router login process, you would need the network connection with a design that incorporates the best device and optimum signal sending quality. All these can be achieved with the accessories that Mikrotik provides. You can pick these up directly from the Mikrotik website or from several distributors from around the world which have placed their trust in Mikrotic devices.


Before we can start with the setup process, it is important to have it installed or mounted firmly on the wall or on a flat service. Usually in a Microtik router, the mounting plate is always provided which you can use to mount it on a flat surface (by default, it is preinstalled on the device).

Along with the mountable plate, the box also contains a set of screws and wall anchors. To install the device in this way, you first however need to remove the mountable plate from the bottom by pulling strongly in the direction pointed by the arrow and then lifting it gently out of the plate. Once the device is off from the mountable plate, install the screws and the wall anchors on the wall and let the device be fixed firmly on the wall.

Since all the Mikrotik devices are powered with the RouterOS they devices have been programmed with an extremely easy Mikrotik router login and setup process. All you need to do here is follow a few steps once you are sure of the authentic connections of all the physical connections you were supposed to make. Thus before we head over to the Mikrotik router login and setup process, let’s see what power connections we were supposed to make.

  • Take your Mikrotik router and connect the device’s internet port to the LAN port of the modem that you are using.
  • The Mikrotik devices are configured out of the box. This effectively means that you don’t have to go ahead and individually feed in several settings of your router but we will talk about it later.
  • We would like for you to connect an Ethernet cable from the LAN port of the router to the Ethernet port of the PC that you wish to use.
  • Plug in the power plugs for all the devices that you wish to use including the PC, modem and the Mikrotik Wi-Fi router.

As mentioned before, one of the most important aspect and powerful feature of the Mikrotik wireless router is that they are configured and are usable right out of the box. You would not be asked to setup every intricate detail and just plug in and play the device instantly. You can however change the SSID and password according to your need which is highly recommended as it is always the default password which is printed on the label given on the back of the router or inside the box it came with. To change the password however, you would need the Mikrotik router login IP. All this info and more are given in the steps mentioned below.

To setup and login to the Mikrotik admin page using the Mikrotik login password follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN port of the Microtik wi-fi router and other one to the LAN port of the PC.
  • Step 2: Next you would be needed to set the internet connection of your computer to receive IP automatically (DHCP). This is an extremely important step as your router will not receive internet connection with a static IP assigned to it.
  • Step 3: Generally, the router is set with a default mode of acting like an Access point. You can change it post the login but before that, connect to the SSID present that is called Mikrotik. If you have connected it wirelessly,
  • Step 4: The Mikrotik router login IP by default is Enter this address to gain access to the login page. To login into it, enter this web address in the address bar of the web browser.
  • Step 5: Once the Mikrotik router login page prompts you for the admin username and password, enter the username as admin. There is no password for the same.
  • Step 6: Since the device is programmed before-hand of with all the wireless settings all you need to do now is to change the username and password of the device. You can also alternatively change the default SSID and password of the router.
  • Step 7: Generally the above steps do the trick but in case the device still doesn’t receive an IP address, use the Winbox to configure the IP correctly. To do this, you can use the MAC address of the device to connect it to the internet by providing it an IP address.
  • Step 8: All other settings can be made using this page whenever you wish to. Simply use the modified username and password to gain access to the Mikrotik login page and customize it all according to your needs.

With this, the Mikrotik device is installed perfectly on your network. You can always make any sort of change you like using the admin page login details that were given to you before. Since the Mikrotik devices are easy to reset too, you can do that by pressing down and holding the reset button of the router. This will roll back the device to the default factory settings and you can start with the customizing process once again.