Belkin devices has been long and wide allowing its wide customer base to access the settings which are both important and easy to tweak from the Belkin router setup page. Logging in to this page using the Belkin router setup password will allow you as a user to address the issues like “Forgot Belkin router password”, perform Belkin router reset, change SSIDs and passwords and set parental controls as per your understanding. All this power, given to the user does mean that Belkin has as much trust on its users as much the users have trust on Belkin and why shouldn’t it be?

After all the Belkin Corporation has been around for decades providing technologically advanced devices to its user base of millions across the world. The only reason that could be, is because of the support and service that Belkin provides no matter for how long the user has owned the device. Every small issue even questions like ‘How do I connect to my Belkin router?are treated with utmost importance and the large documentation spread across the internet helps them to resolve all these said problems. Thus, if you wish to perform changes to you network like finding the Belkin router setup IP and finding the process for Belkin router reset, you can find it all everywhere. As of now we are looking towards the setup process of a Belkin Wi-Fi router.

But before we can start to setup the Belkin router, we need to perform a couple of checks to make sure the connections are all properly installed so we won’t need to perform a Belkin router reset when something goes wrong. To ensure this, connect the internet port of the router to the LAN port of your modem. Turn the on power of the router by connecting it to a power source. Next you can continue this process by using either a wired or a wireless connection. The steps include the following steps:

Step 1: With the device that’s connected to the router, reach the Belkin router setup page which will enable you to start the setup process.

Step 2: Go to Belkin router setup IP in the browser.

Step 3: When the dashboard asks you for username and password, use the username as “admin” and password as “password”.

Step 4: Once you log in, you will see the setup process begin; the dashboard will identify the type of internet connection you own. Once selected, it will take you over to the next step.

Step 5: You will now be asked to setup the SSIDs and the passwords according to your needs. Set the security and also set the admin password of the device.

Step 6: You can now finish the setup process once reviewing all the settings you’ve entered and apply it.

You are now ready to access the internet using your Belkin router.